Billing and Inventory System

NCFactAlmaSys is a Billing System, Purchasing and Inventory of goods in various formats. 

Key Benefits 

  • Easy to use for your visual environment. 
  • Check-in counter that is allowing the issuance of receipts as they are attending to the client. 
  • Forms and varied to get the most out of any recorded information reports. 
  • Registration of Products and / or Services 
  • Customer Registration 
  • Supplier Registration 
  • Record Stores 
  • Registration Forms Credit 
  • User Registration 
  • Admissions Process Goods 
  • Goods-out process. 
  • Issue Papers Sale (Invoices, Report Cards, Guide) 
  • Document Fees Receivable Sale 
  • Fees Payable Purchase Document 
  • Sales Register 
  • Register Cart 
  • Kardex Products 
  • Stocks of Products by Warehouse 
  • Modules Query: Sales by date, sales by customer, sales by product, shopping dates, shopping vendors, product purchases, product rotation, sell more products, replacement products, fees receivable by date by client fees payable date per customer. 
  • Backup (Generation and Restoration)