It consists in choosing a set of key phrases or "keywords" (eg. "SEO") and contract seekers appearing on the first pages of results with those words. 

Searchers tarifarán with such prepayment. For example buy a bond of € 1,000, with this bonus appears an ad for your website in the top positions of search with the words you choose and the bonus will consume at the rate of an amount (0.5, 50 or more immediately cents) each time you click on the ad for your site (the price per click will depend on the competitiveness there for that word). Once you run out of that voucher, you can keep recharging to continue to publish the notice of your website in the top positions. 

An advertising campaign is not simple, is painstaking work and have to pay attention to detail to get good results. In WebCome activate and manage your ads, we advise on the words to advertise on search engines, optimizing your ads to have the highest return on investment possible, retouch the content of your website and create custom pages ad to appear in the best possible positions paying the lowest cost per click. And of course inform you of their results with periodic statistical reports and optimize the results obtained with each report. 

This type of positioning is not limited in key phrases, we can position your website for how many words you want. 

Key Features: 

  • The time of completion is immediately 
  • Positions obtained are always the first 
  • The return on investment is high.

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