Information Systems Development

Here we detail a few systems, for more information, send an e-mail with your specific request and get a response with the solution you need.

System Fixed Asset Physical Inventories 

This software developed for a Peruvian company and allows you to perform a physical inventory of its fixed assets in an orderly and quickly, as well as entities that request their services. Starting with the data load, ie the ratio of assets in the previous period (if any) to the issue of logistics and accounting reports such as Reconciled, Leftovers, Missing, Valuation and Depreciation of property and many more.

Accounting Management System SisCoPI 

The Software Management System is a SisCoPI Accounting Accounting with management support, integrated, comprehensive and easy to use to keep detailed records of the operations of the company and generally all aspects of business administration at the commercial and services sector. .

Billing and Inventory System

A variety of systems that control purchases, sales, goods in various formats, considering complexities according to the company.

Gyms System

With this system you can keep track of enrollment, payments, assists its clients. 

Sistema para Cabinas de Internet CabiSys

The system has 2 applications, one that runs on the server and one on the workstations. The first allows us to control and manage the booths, the second will allow us to access the PC or not, depending on your state, this will lock the system when the machine should be free and not allow the use of computers. 

GIS Management System

Start with a large database of client firms with log information company, products, services, lines, executives, managers, e-mail, and ... 

It also controls the delivery of magazines, books or any other product sold through subscriptions. 

Traffic Control System 

Primarily controls the permanence of vehicles inside an establishment of guardianship. 

Registration System Clinical Analysis Results

Since taking patient data through the record of the evidence that will be asked and ending with the issuance of the result. During it has the necessary options for Laboratory Information Management. 

Payroll System

System that allows the development of the payroll of their employees quickly and easily.

Video Rent System

The Rental System Videos VideoRent can keep track of videos Hire Shops Videos. 

School System

The system will be developed that will allow you to manage, control aspects concerning the educational activities of the institution. 

Among these aspects, the system will allow you to: Perform the registration process considering documentary requirements, check information such as students who have not submitted certain documentation in particular, who should bring in the coming days and more. 

Program Backup Information (Programs, Files, Systems, ...)

The SisBackup is a program that lets you schedule backups or backups of your drives on your computer or computers, if I had a local network. 

System tells you what time you want to perform the backup units, giving as a parameter the number of days to consider modified in recent days to backupear files. 

Program Print Monitor MonitorPrint

MonitorPrint is a program that allows you to record all events that the printers connected to your pc detected. With MonitorPrint you can determine how many sheets are printed with date and time, among many other features. Ideal for internet cafes internet booths or who want to control the impressions made on your business as well as in any company or business. 

System X

We change the X by what your company's needs, just decided. !!! Contact us. 

All products are accompanied by the proper installation and advice in the use of it and if necessary and come to a personal adaptation according to your requirements.

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We explore unlimited possibilities for the Development of Mobile Applications across a broad set of development tools for both iPhone, Android and iPad.

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WebCome, we specialize in developing custom high quality using the latest technology web applications. Our web development services are tailored to meet client requirements and business objectives of our clients. We have experience in delivering web applications with high performance.

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