Payroll System

System that allows the development of the payroll of their employees quickly and easily. 

Key Benefits 

Can keep track of: 

  • Staff in this space information system will fill all the staff working in the company, from their identification to whether this SNP or affiliated with AFP, his salary as cost center belongs. 
  • Cost Center, you can register the various cost centers are there, indicating description, manager, location, telephone. 
  • AFP may also enter afp factor with calculations of the return will be developed. 
  • Configuration, features company data and factors required for the development of the return. 
  • Module for data entry of the return for a given period. 
  • Loans, keeps track of the loans made to employees. 
  • With the previously entered data for a particular payroll period being processed. 
  • Reports to that account are: Payroll, payslips, payment reports, Net Receivable, Contributions by AFP AFP AFP Contributions by Cost Center, Staff Report, Cost Center List, List of AFPs.

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