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Ideal for businesses with a wide range of products and services. For customer-oriented companies seeking to attract customers and / or users showing their best picture on the internet, advertising and sales area on-line using your website as a regular form of communication with their customers. 


In this kind of web pages are primarily shows the list of products or services they want to offer, with word search offering various forms of this services: 

  • Allows your company to sell products in photography and detailed features, offering savings in selling costs. 
  • Allows an external zero maintenance, since the page is ready to be updated simply and easily from anywhere, home or business, provided it has an internet connection. 
  • Allows management from anywhere with internet access, the list of customers, invoices, orders for each customer and inventory items. Allowing also generate reports of records, requested orders, or products sold. 
  • Your customers can make purchases through the website, checked daily new products or services, make budgets and view the features of existing products quickly and easily, just connect to the web without scrolling or phone. 
  • Payments can be made on delivery, bank transfer. ... Once the buyer and seller receive notifications purchase crediting the asset acquired. 


Also for adding some additional enhancements such as: 

  • Expand Web Store with Corporate Web HTML to forward more information about the company. 
  • Expand the virtual shop with a News section where you enter news or company announcements periodically. 
  • Expand design including FLASH animations in the header and buttons. Achieving greater visual impact and professionalism on the page. 
  • Expand Web programming to enable implement a payment gateway to your bank credit card. That is, allow their customers to buy their products with a credit card through their online store. 
  • Expand Web programming allowing the calculation of rates of your transit agency (eg SEUR) to calculate the amounts of orders automatically with your shipping.

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