Accounting Management System SisCoPI

The Software Management System is a SisCoPI Accounting Accounting with management support, integrated, comprehensive and easy to use to keep detailed records of the operations of the company and generally all aspects of business administration at the commercial and services sector. 

It is mainly characterized by being based on source documents (invoices, Vaucher Income, etc.), that is, that by simply making them directly into the computer, is updated simultaneously system and instantly all company records . 

It is integrated with the simple preparation of source documents, records, and updates information regarding: Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Payroll, Budgeting, Purchasing and Sales. 

It's Easy to Manage, along with your manual you will see step by step explanation of all system functions. 

It's dynamic, it requires that the accounting month, be closed to start the next lock, allowing to consult and incorporate information from previous months. 

It is versatile, allowing recording transactions in dollars and soles. 

The program includes the following tools and features: 

  • Easy to use for your visual environment 
  • Check the accounting system. 
  • Types registry Vouchers, and Other Documents. 
  • Defaults seats. 
  • Register customers, suppliers. 
  • Movements Business Vouchers. 
  • Centralization Cart 
  • Centralization Sales 
  • And Bank Reconciliation Statements 
  • Register to Buy 
  • Sales Registration 
  • Daybook 
  • cashbook 
  • Ledger 
  • Purchase Seats 
  • Seats Sale 
  • Trial Balance 
  • Balance Sheet Accounting 
  • Profit and Loss by Nature 
  • Profit and Loss by Function 
  • Safety Module. 
  • User Registration 
  • Backup (Generation and Restoration)

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