System for Colleges

The system will be developed that will allow you to manage, control aspects concerning the educational activities of the institution. 

Among these aspects, the system will allow: 

  • Perform the registration process taking into account the necessary documentary requirements. 
  • Consult information as students who have not submitted certain documentation in particular, who should bring in the coming days. 
  • Keeping track of students, along with records such as proxies, history, clinical data, disease and suffering from allergies, schools where studied with their respective years, vaccines have been and will check that they may make. 
  • A record of the teachers also exist, along with a history of it, the institutions in which he has studied, grade level curriculum. 
  • Registration courses have different teachers, grades and levels of study, related to the notes will own courses and possess single category formula note or note. 
  • Fit formulas for the calculation of the course notes from a teacher, some level and to some degree. 
  • Discriminating the notes to be included in the register of Notes. 
  • Print various documents like Registration Notes, Notepads, etc. 
  • Save the curricula of the courses that have been issued throughout the study periods. 
  • Keep track of the progress of curricular courses dictate. 
  • Monitor attendance of students and teachers, their justifications for absences. 
  • Making pay stubs, students are given scholarships or if exonerated. Exemptions have to be explicit authorization by the authorities of the educational institution. 
  • Check the condition of payment account of pupils, both payments and unpaid bills. 
  • Scholarships will control. 
  • Control the number of vacancies that exist at the level of sections for the registration process. 
  • Take physical inventory of the contents (objects) or classroom environments that are located in pavilions, noting their condition, or both the classroom environment and objects.
  • Check details of all information that the hostel system. 

System Features 

  • The development of the system as designed for the reality of the Educational Institution. 
  • The system is multi-user. 
  • Study periods are variable in the school year. 
  • System developed in visual environment., Using Windows 95 or higher to run.

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