Terms of use


On one hand, WEBCOME LLC (hereinafter WebCome) established Wyoming (USA), domain owner,,, under which offers services of Internet domain registration, domain transfer internet, web hosting and design and development of websites, among others. 

Furthermore the contractor, natural or legal person completing the application form, which appears in, the information required and which establishes a business relationship WebCome through this contract. The contractor knows, understands and freely accepts, following reports of the characteristics of each service, this contract. The contractor will, in all cases, the recipient of the service provided by WebCome, either for private use or for use by a third party assigned by the contractor, if the referral service allows, on the conditions he set customer. 

Both parties WebCome and client, are interested in executing this contract by accepting the terms and conditions set forth in the following. 



WebCome: company engaged in providing telecommunications services, specializing primarily in the domain name registration and web hosting, web development, web applications and software. 


Any individual or legal person completing the order form and choose any of the services or hosting plans offered by WebCome through its URL and is listed as one of the contracting parties. 

Contract contains all the clauses contained in this document and any additional information on the subject hosting plan chosen by the customer, is collected so explicitly in the URL updated. 

Commercial content, information resources, applications, features and prices of hosting plans which manifests itself in the web supersede that contained in this contract; respect to all matters not mentioned above (commercial content) shall prevail as provided in this agreement. 

Domain Name: set of characters that identifies an Internet site with a network address (IP). 

IP (Internet Protocol): A set of rules governing data transmission over the network. 

Hosting Plans and Services Hosting (hosting): Space WebCome servers owned by domain name where the client is located administering resources and applications unique WebCome plans offered and listed the date so website of the company, 

Hosting plans subject to the conditions of this contract offer shared servers WebCome, ie several different clients websites are hosted on the same server hosting. 

Resources and Applications: Technical characteristics and computer programming facilitated and supported by the different hosting plans that the customer contracts. 

Hosts: WebCome owned computers where they are stored or host data and information that the client develops Hosting Plans offered by WebCome. 

Control Panel: This is a tool used by WebCome that wins usually with each hosting plan for management by the client resources and applications available to the contracted plan. 

Client Area: This is a tool used by WebCome that each client wins and it allows you, as a customer of WebCome that is, control the billing of the client file, the invoices issued to the customer until the date which performs the query. 

Account email and password authentication systems allowing the client to access the web control panel and client area. 



The parties are independent, there is no other link between them, rather than arising out of this contract. No act, event or circumstance be construed as link between the parties that might make presumption of the existence of a partnership, or relationship parent-controlled and / or dependent on them. 



This contract is to regulate the conditions under which the client accesses the hosting plan you have requested and that WebCome has developed and set the conditions and form of remuneration WebCome client. 

Other benefits, services, applications or options may be offered by customer WebCome through contracts or other marketing communications as well as the provisions on the Web 




4.1 The conditions contained in this contract shall apply to all types of contracts that can be configured from all the plans on the website consist of referrals. 

This agreement shall apply to all hosting plan that may be set in the future during the term of this contract provided it meets the characteristics shared hosting servers WebCome property. 


4.2 The technical features of each hosting plan as well as the price to be paid by them is, at all times, clearly identified on the website In any case the resources and applications available to each hosting plan which will at all times are published in In any case be deemed notified of any changes that affect Hosting Plans or affecting the provisions of this contract, with the publication of such changes on the website of WebCome. 


4.3 The operation of each hosting plan necessarily have assumed ownership of a domain name or generic top level territorial hosted on servers WebCome. The registration of domain names can be done through WebCome or through any other means or supplier. 

Domain names for which registration is requested through WebCome, they always record the customer's name or in the name of the person or entity to which the client wishes to assign ownership. 

The costs for the registration of domain names are those set at all times and for each type of domain name. 

As for regulation, rights and obligations resulting from registering domain names, should be WebCome in charge of registration or transfer will be subject to the provisions of the contract which the service registration involves and is provided at the time registry. 


4.4 hosting plans under this contract consist, among other resources by a control panel called for each hosting plan from which the customer can manage and administer their own resources and applications you refer plan tool. 


4.5 In the resources called e-mail, included in the contract plan, the case of IMAP or POP3 (the latter in the form of store messages on the server) time guaranteed availability of the content of the messages on the server is 3 months, WebCome not responsible of any contents of these messages once this period has passed. 




5.1 The price of the contracted services is defined in WebCome website. 


5.2 The quantities indicated in are subject to applicable taxes them. 


5.3 The higher in WebCome hosting plans and access to control panel for the contracted service is free. 


5.4 For the provision of hosting plan that gives rise to this contract the customer must pay in advance WebCome the plan for each specific accommodation price. 

In any case, the client, who is listed as such on the record, is responsible for payment of bills even when a third party intervenes on behalf of the client, so that the responsibility to facilitate the authentication data to a third party is solely customer . 


5.5 Payment of hosting plans have different billing cycles to customer choice in the application form. Being able to arrange payment by any of the means listed below, but the customer must notify WebCome prior to ordering electronically the means by which you choose: 

PayPal payment processing is done through 

Credit or debit card: The payment processing is done through POS terminals WebCome insurance outside banks. However, WebCome not responsible for any errors, faults or incidents that may arise to the customer to make payment by such terminals. 

By bank transfer. 


5.6 WebCome not issue invoices by mail to customers, all invoices electronically which can be viewed within its client area refers. 


5.7 WebCome issue an invoice with details of all the concepts that make up that invoice. 


5.8 Faculty repricing: The amount of the prices stipulated in the Web, is subject to review by WebCome. If WebCome carry out a change in the prices of hosting plans, will notify customers such modification before they are affected by the change in the next invoice being issued, so if you do not agree on accept the change exercises the right to terminate this contract without paying any additional amount to WebCome as long as they keep up with their payments. At the end of the period for payment in advance will be terminated the contract and, therefore, are leave your plan if maintained in its non-acceptance to the new price. If after this period the Customer continues to use WebCome services means that you accept the changes. 




6.1 WebCome reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service provided to any incident experienced in the collection of the service and / or for non-payment until resolution of the same. If it takes 7 days from the date of payment and no disbursements are made, services are disconnected and remain off-line. If after 30 days there would have been paid for any of the reasons, the domain will be deleted with all its contents WebCome not incurring any liability for loss of data incurred. If the client does not proceed with your payment prior notice after the pre-service cause permanent expulsion for breach of contract. 


7 - Entry into Force, Duration and EXTENSION 


7.1 This contract shall enter into force on the date of its execution, ie the time WebCome receives the client request electronically by completing the form corresponding to the entered service procurement, along with indications of access plan accommodation as well as login and password, also receiving written justification via e-mail of the contract. 


7.2 From the time WebCome receives the request from the client entered service invoice will be issued and WebCome begin to provide the services requested by the client, in the time you have proof of payment thereof. 


7.3 The contract will depend on the type selected by the contractor at the time of filling the application form WebCome services, without prejudice to a future that can establish WebCome unannounced new contract periods, or modify or cancel existing nevertheless maintain the duration of the contract entered if it was available as of celebration. The duration of the contract will depend on the nature of the service chosen, differing as follows: 


7.4 After the initial term, the Service is automatically understood and tacitly extended for successive periods equal to the initial duration hired, unless either party expresses his opposition to the extension will, by notice sent in writing, at least one (1) month before the expiration of the period originally agreed or, if before the expiration of any of its extensions. At each renewal of the contract not be sent back, always understood the current published anywhere that collects the most current version. 


7.5 The application of Floor of any of the services offered by WebCome must be made via e-mail, through the billing from the email address provided by the customer as main contact. 




8.1 The service will be active once WebCome is satisfied that the payment was typically made no later than one business day except insurmountable problems on the Internet or servers malfunction or other problems not directly attributable to WebCome but third. If the domain name has been registered by their DNS WebCome and possesses the service assignment process will be automatic, otherwise, if the domain name has the DNS from another vendor, customer WebCome sent to email provided in the user record as principal point of contact, the necessary instructions to proceed with the change in DNS so that it can activate the requested service. 


8.2 also sharing all hosting plans the same machine with other hosting plans attributable to third technical problems may occur, and which WebCome not responsible. 


8.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, if WebCome breach commitments made in this agreement by providing an inefficient service for a period interrupted more than 24 hours, the responsibility for WebCome be limited to the return of money collected by the hosting plan during that period interruption. 


8.4 The hosting plans are shared hosting services with other services of the same nature and resources. For this reason, WebCome reserves the right to suspend, in whole or in part, the performance of the contract (not providing the service) if you notice, detect and / or verify their maintenance excessive consumption of disk space , monthly bandwidth, memory, CPU or other alteration that slows the server that is located in such a way that harms or involves an impairment in service delivery or the rights of clients or third parties with him share the server. 

To this end, WebCome make a temporary suspension of service. This circumstance customer is notified to proceed to remedy the disturbance, and if once the service has restarted a relapse in such circumstances of bad faith or continuously, proceed to cancel the service without repayment of any amount by considered an abuse of the hosting plan. 


8.5 Customer represents to be aware that the availability of the Services may be conditioned by causes of various kinds among which include, without limitation: inadvertent errors in technological architecture WebCome or any third parties engaged for this purpose, periodic maintenance procedures , repair, renovation or improvement thereof, as well as acts of God or any others that were beyond the control of WebCome, among which include, without limitation, interruption or failure in digital transmission links or telecommunications congestion originate at points of access to or caused by alleged intentional attacks or any other causes. 

Therefore, the client expressly waives any claim for liability, contractual or tort damages WebCome for possible failures, delays or errors in the access and use of the contracted plan. 


8.6 WebCome not responsible for data loss due to computer failures, but will make a periodic backup to recover as much data as possible. The client states that perform at your own risk their own backups so that in the event of a loss occur, the process of information retrieval can be performed correctly. 


8.7 Access to and use of the Hosting Plans are the sole responsibility of the customer, WebCome not responsible in any way (directly or subsidiary) for any direct or indirect, that may cause the client to third parties. 


8.8 WebCome disclaims all liability for the consequences of the lack of effectiveness of the e-mail client or not communicating the change of direction can produce, as well as misinformation claiming the client due to their own negligence active in maintaining this data. 


8.9 WebCome not responsible: 

  • The content hosted in the space allotted to the customer for the hosting plan. 
  • Errors produced by access providers. 
  • Intrusions of outside client but WebCome plan has established reasonable protective measures. 
  • From faulty configuration by the customer 




9.1 WebCome, you agree to keep the contents of the website available to third parties 99.8% of the time quantified, with the goal of getting WebCome service 100% availability of access. WebCome can not guarantee service availability to 100% due to problems with the internet, technical problems, or from misuse by another Customer. Therefore WebCome not be liable for loss of data, business interruption, or lost profits that may result in the unavailability Customer. 


9.2 WebCome agrees to give written notice to Customer of any scheduled outage 24 hours in advance. In the statement WebCome must indicate the estimated outage time and the approximate time at which the clipping. This time will be considered out of warranty service availability, ie, can not be considered outside the 99.9% uptime guaranteed. 


9.3 If less than the guaranteed availability of service commitment, WebCome offset the cost of the product as it is calculated in the following table, the maximum compensable calendar month to the cost of invoiced product concerned. 

Availability of Compensation Web site 

  • 95% 99.7% 10% 
  • 90% to 94.9% 15% 
  • 89.9% or less 20% 


This fee will be added back as a credit to the customer's account, and will be considered as a discount on the next installment to invoice. 

For the customer to get the compensation referred to in the preceding paragraph, you must apply within 10 business days since suffering this lack of service by sending an email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which must indicate the following data: 

  • affected domain 
  • Date and time of lack of service 
  • Documentation that is required by WebCome for warranty evaluation. 


9.4 In addition, the compensation is not provided in case of lack of service caused by the following reasons: 

  • Scheduled maintenance that was previously warned by the client extranet and e-mail to the contact address listed in it.
  • Emergency maintenance and platform upgrades. 
  • Because of its liability for the failure of equipment or systems. 
  • Causes related to the availability of services FTP, POP, SMTP. 
  • Any cause related to the lack of application by the customer's current policies and conditions accepted use. 




10.1 The Customer must comply with all terms and conditions of this contract in the exercise of their profession, must also act fairly and in good faith. 


10.2 The customer must meet the agreed remuneration, as set out in clause 6 of this agreement. 


10.3 the use of hosting plans, contrary to good faith and, in particular, non-exhaustively is prohibited: 

  • The use that is contrary to Spanish law or infringes the rights of others. 
  • The publication or transmission of any content that, in the opinion of WebCome, is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racist, xenophobic or defamatory. 
  • Any kind of erotic / pornographic / proxies content. 
  • Any content that is not recommended for use on shared web hosting. 
  • Use the service as a remote hard disk or to store backups.
  • The web hosting plan will be designed primarily to host web pages (html content) and content must be linked on the website of the public. 
  • A large amount of disk space and bandwidth to be used rationally offered. 
  • WebCome reserves the right to take appropriate decisions if this is not true. 
  • Resources to sell or give away web hosting plan to a third party is prohibited. 
  • Use for anything related to child pornography or violent acts is prohibited. 
  • Cracks, serial numbers for programs or any other content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties. 
  • The collection and / or use of personal data of other users without their express or contravening laws or laws of the state of Wyoming in USA, USA or countries where customers operate WebCome consent. For example the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data of Spain. 
  • The use of mail service and e-mail addresses for the purposes of calling spamming (sending mass spam, commercially or otherwise) and mail bombing (sending large messages in order to blocking a server). In the event that detects WebCome was performed SPAM from your servers or networks, the customer assumes full responsibility, and shall account all expenses incurred to WebCome. 


10.4 Collaborate actively with WebCome to enable the provision of the Services and agrees to that end, to provide the necessary technical data and provide access to its facilities and premises where the teams are staying were necessary for the provision of contracted services. 


10.5 By hiring this service, the customer agrees: 

To save on your own backup files hosting plans in order to replace them if necessary. 

The customer agrees to keep operational, active and current email address provided in the application form for communication with WebCome, since it is the preferred means of communication for WebCome agile and fluid management in the provision of the requested service as a result of contractual relationship through this contract binds us. WebCome disclaims all liability for the consequences of the lack of effectiveness of the e-mail client or not communicating the change of direction can produce, as well as misinformation claiming the client due to their own negligence in active in maintaining this data. It is vital that the client has updated and operating your e-mail. If you change the email address provided on the order form the customer agrees to communicate the change to WebCome at maximum within 5 days so that is not interrupted communication between the contracting parties. 


10.6 The customer acknowledges having tested the product to their needs and that reported by WebCome properly. 


10.7 The customer is solely responsible for the use and conservation of the login and password on the control panel, as are the necessary IDs for access to the control panel of the hosting plan contract and client extranet and that contrast to WebCome authentication and facilitate access permission to the actions that are required from these tools. 

The use of these identifiers and communication, including third parties, is the sole responsibility of the customer. 


10.8 The Customer has full responsibility for the content of their Web, information transmitted and stored on their farms, hypertext links, the third party claims and legal actions that can trigger the entire reference to intellectual property, personality rights and child protection. The customer is responsible for laws and regulations and rules that have to do with the operation of the online service, electronic commerce, copyright, law and order, etc. 

Any problems that might occur on servers and security systems employed by WebCome as a direct result of negligence of the customer, it will respond by civil and criminal liability that might correspond. 


10.9 The customer, by accepting this contract, expressly consents to the submission of invoices relating to the provision of hosting plan contracted through electronic means, as current legislation states in this area. 




11.1 Due to shared hosting plans hosting the client must develop and manage your hosting plan respecting the technical standards set forth by WebCome in your Web, 

So that if WebCome warns, detects and / or check their maintenance service abused by excessive consumption of disk space, monthly bandwidth, memory, CPU or any other deterioration slows down the server in which is located in such a way that harms or involves an impairment in service delivery or the rights of clients or third parties that share the server the client reserves the right to suspend all or part of the service. 

To this end, WebCome make a temporary suspension of service. This circumstance customer is notified to proceed to remedy the disturbance, and if once the service has restarted a relapse in such circumstances of bad faith or continuously, shall be a total suspension of service without refund of any amount. 




12.1 Customer WebCome offer a money back guarantee for a period of thirty (30) calendar days from the initial date of service, after which they will not apply this guarantee and no refund will apply. The guarantee period shall not apply to contract renewals. The Customer shall give notice in writing of its desire to cancel the service and benefit from this guarantee. 

Not eligible for this guarantee those Customers who have been suspended for use outside of the TERMS OF USE of paragraph 11.3. 

The amounts to be reimbursed will be paid through bank transfer to the account specified by the customer. 


12.2 Following the exercise of this right, WebCome refund the customer the sum paid for the provision of Hosting Plan; in no case shall reimburse the customer the amount paid in respect of the registration of the domain name, the commissions on any form of payment (which will be provided by WebCome at the time of the return) or any other service in which nature of the benefit is impossible to carry out, having been already enjoyed by the customer. 

Also, the customer must pay the amount corresponding to the consumption transfer made during the plan period and / or effective service. 


12.3 If the contract Hosting Plan allows an appeal or application for implementation should treat himself to a high (as detailed in the annexes to this contract) the amount of this high will not be refunded. 


12.4 Outside the warranty period to which this section refers the client is not entitled to refunds for voluntary redundancy and early the contracted plan. 


12.5 Amounts to be reimbursed will be paid via bank transfer through. 




13.1 Neither party shall be liable for delay in performing its obligations or non-execution of the same (except for non-payment to the other party) if the breach were motivated by acts of God or force majeure, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1105 of the Civil Code. This circumstance is communicated to the other party as soon as possible. The agreed delivery is postponed by at least the time period that has lasted the force majeure. If the force majeure lasts longer than three (3) months, either party may terminate these Terms and Conditions, without prejudice to compliance with payment obligations due to the previous date. The acts of God or force majeure events, as well as termination of the Contract Conditions based on the above, shall not relieve the Customer's compliance with the obligations outstanding payment to the date of discontinuance of the Services. 



14.1 WebCome, noting the current legislation on protection of personal data, informs that the personal data collected through the web forms are included in the computerized files of specific enterprise customers. 

The collection and processing of personal data is aimed at maintaining the contractual relationship that may be established with WebCome, and the performance of the service management tasks, billing, in the execution of this contract and to carry out the tasks of information, training and implementation of commercial activities relating to the products or services procured by any means of communication including SMS, email. WebCome not make any transfer of data to third parties, except those necessary for the provision of the service. 


14.2 WebCome adopts the technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of the same in accordance with data protection laws (such as the Organic Law 15/99 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data) . 


14.3 The person concerned may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. WebCome direction. 


14.4 In cases where the client including files containing personal data on servers shared hosting WebCome acts as a processor and therefore not apply or use these files for purposes other than the contracted plan or shall transmit to others even for their conservation, unless otherwise request. WebCome agrees, as a processor to implement the necessary security measures. 

Any indication on the part of the controller with respect to the implementation of special security measures on the server will need to contact WebCome to regulate the new conditions if necessary, not being, therefore, subject to this contract. 


14.5 WebCome not responsible for the breach by the client of the law or legal data protection provisions of the state of Wyoming in USA, USA or countries where the customer operates; in what in his activity for him and that is related to the execution of this contract. As each of the parties shall not be liable for breach of these rules to the other party. 


14.6 The Client declares that all the information provided by him is true and correct, agrees to keep certain, by contacting WEBCOME. Customer responsible for the accuracy of their data and shall be solely responsible for any conflicts or disputes may result from the falsity thereof. 




15.1 Both parties assume the strict duty of confidentiality about the content of the discussions, negotiations and proceedings relating to its subject, agreeing not to disclose, in whole or part of its contents to others without the prior written consent of the other parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties may disclose such information to companies in the same business group, employees and partners and independent consultants who need to know such information and undertake to maintain confidentiality in such strict terms as those provided by this document. 


15.2 The parties excluded from the category of confidential information any information that is disclosed by the party possessing it, that becomes public, one that is to be disclosed in accordance with the law or a court judgment or imperative act of competent authority and that which is obtained by a third party not under any obligation of confidentiality. 




16.1 You authorize WebCome to use the trademark, logo or symbol that identifies client services, so that WebCome can advertise and / or customer stating their "Clients" section. WebCome may also use the client's image for promotional purposes in any media. 


16.2 It is forbidden the use of others by any means of the registered WebCome brand, which includes both the name and the logo, or any other, without the written consent of WebCome. Under no circumstances should a client use the brand WebCome purposes defamatory, misleading information or any activity that damages the image of WebCome. If the mark would be used inappropriately will proceed to execute the appropriate legal action. 




17.1 The contract shall end when, in addition to the legally established and arranged in the various clauses of this contract causes, any of the following: 

  • Mutual agreement of the parties. 
  • Completion of the initial term or successive extensions. 
  • Termination for breach of any part of the obligations under the Contract. 
  • When either party is in bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership. 


17.2 If the customer's failure was cause for termination of the contract, WebCome reserves the right to terminate in advance this contract and, therefore, to deprive the client of the hosting plan contract without notice and without the customer having entitled to compensation or reimbursement of any amount. 


17.3 In the event of termination or cancellation of the contract for the above or any other reasons permitted by law, the customer must fulfill the obligations assumed prior to the termination of the contract against WebCome and third parties. 


17.4 Notwithstanding the foregoing, if WebCome breach commitments made in this contract by providing an inefficient service for a continuous 24-hour period or more, WebCome liability shall be limited to the refund of the money collected by the hosting plan during that period interrupt, if requested, in writing, the customer within a maximum period of 7 working days upon the occurrence of this issue. 



WebCome 18.1 reserves the right to modify, at any rate, the nature and condition of their hosting plans, always in development and benefit the service itself. This should not serve more formality than to inform the customer with a notice on-line and / or carry this modification to the terms of the contract and / or send it by email. 

The client, once informed of the modification by WebCome, has a period of 7 days, from receipt of such notice, to terminate the contract if you do not agree with the new circumstances, after this period without communication to the contrary from the client will be deemed to accept the new conditions. 


18.2 If as a result of constant R & D development of WebCome as well as technical and technological advances occurring in the services of the information society, changes Hosting Plans occur, other services and management systems, administration (eg. newer forms of secure payment network) of WebCome, to adapt to these developments will proceed, if deemed appropriate by WebCome, to make the changes necessary to adapt to these developments. 

In these cases, previously WebCome inform customers about changes that affect them and establish the time required in each case so that if the customer does not agree to such changes may terminating this contract. 

WebCome, as diligently and in good faith in the market area of its business act, perform these modifications provided a benefit not only the development of new technologies, but also the functioning of the company and even the service offered in this contract so as not to detract from customers all together. 

In case of conflict between the injury to a small number of customers and the development of WebCome and / or adaptation to technical progress and technological services of the information society will be addressed to the benefit of the majority of customers in this adaptation and advancement of WebCome in the field of new technologies.



In addition to these legal terms we add the following agreements: Customer Master Agreement, Registrar Registrant Agreement for Domains Names, Customer Agreement for Domain Names, Customer Agreement for Web Services Customer Agreement for Digital Certificates, Customer Hosting Product Agreement; and you can see in the link below. 


20 - LAW 

For any dispute that may arise in the interpretation and application of this Agreement, the parties agree to submit, waiving any privilege that may apply, at the discretion of the Courts of Wyoming USA. 




This contract is inserted into the recruitment process WebCome services selected by the customer, which expressly accepts all its contents by signing services company WEBCOME LLC. 

The activation button sending the request through recruitment website WebCome, confers the status of "Client" and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Services requested in version put WebCome acceptance available electronically prior to the activation of the submit button rECRUITMENT character. The latest version of the Conditions of Contract is in the e-mail address Before hiring any of the services offered, please carefully read the terms and conditions that govern the provision of the service you want, including the technical, operational and functional features of the Service and applicable rates each


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