Gym System

With this system you can keep track of enrollment, payments, assists its clients. 

Key Benefits 

  • You will have current information on the people who belong to his gym. 
  • Configure the General Course, eg aerobics, machines, massage, sauna, etc. 
  • Sets Specific Courses, indicating the course, duration, if a course made by others, the cash price and credit, the number of sessions. 
  • Registration gym teachers. 
  • Define course schedules, indicating the course, the teacher, the day of the week and the start and end time. 
  • It has a registration process of students for different courses set in the system, start and end dates of the course, may indicate whether the payment is in cash or credit payments and dates. 
  • Control Assists students in their respective courses. 
  • Registration payments and issuance of student accounts receivable reports. 
  • Registration of body measurements and weight of students in the gym. 
  • Allows entries of complaints and / or comments that the student wishes to remain registered. 
  • Issuance of various reports such as: 
  • delinquent 
  • Students to finish 
  • Turn-Teacher Assistance 
  • Truants students between 10 and 30 days ago 
  • Students truants more than 30 days ago 
  • New students 30 days 
  • Statistical reasons arrival to the gym 
  • Scholarship students without scholarship 
  • Preferences for age 
  • Courses Income 
  • Complaints month 
  • Payment Record 
  • Record Attendance 
  • tonnage Journal 
  • You will also see photos of your previously configured gym.

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