Rent video system

The Rental System Videos VideoRent can keep track of videos Hire Shops Videos. 



System Features 


  • Take control of rents and returns of rent videos. 
  • Delivers sales documents (invoice and / or bill) by the concept videos rented or sold. Record the serial number (bar code). In the case of credit alerts if Customer exceeds its credit line. 
  • Join the purchase documents equivalent to the expenses which effect the day box. 
  • Gives closures daily cash 
  • Records and maintains partner. 
  • Records and maintains the videos. 
  • Records and maintains the rental prices. 
  • Limited to a certain number of concurrent rentals at one time, to reduce the risk for loss of ribbons partners. 
  • Register personal references, to facilitate contact with people because of moving, travel or other, stay away from the store. 
  • Records data from your workplace, name, address, phone. Sometimes it is difficult to contact the partners at his home due to his work schedule. 
  • Check the expiration date of the membership. Availability of digital photo, both the main partner and their authorized. 
  • Email: A practical way to contact members refer you important information such as: Account Status, Contract Deals, List of Releases, etc. 
  • PIN (personal identification or password): If the store is available a PIN Pad, could prevent misuse Patron Card or lost identity documents. 
  • Credit Limit. Allows the Administrator local aperturar and control loans to its members. 
  • Identification of products with high low motion, determining that titles need more space on the premises and which take up space unnecessarily. 
  • Automatic price category, to define that category of that product price is, for how long and automatic switching to another category. 
  • State of Film, to determine whether a film is rented, reserved, available, stolen, damaged, returned for exchange, etc. 
  • Minimum Stock to issue warning when necessary order new merchandise or stock approaches minimum. 
  • Cost / benefit ratio and recovery time of each product. 
  • Cost Covered, to determine which products have paid their rent cost and can be topped. 
  • Ranking of genres, identify which genres are most required. 
  • Search Titles by Actor / Actress / director / Theme / and many other features. 
  • Identification VHS format to differentiate entity, DVD and any other means of recording future. 
  • The system alerts when a person authorized by an underage customer rents a video with censorship (Apta, Over 14, Over 18). 
  • Detailed tracking of transactions. 
  • Possibility to book films. 
  • Pre-payment system, pay in advance and get a special price of rents and every time you renting your prepaid amount decreases. The other form will be paid monthly and X amount of rent the movies you want from N to N videos. 
  • Alert Securities leased, both key partners as authorized. 
  • Automatic account lockout when the partner exceeds your credit line or has pending rent tapes back.


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