Fixed Assets System

This software developed for a Peruvian company allows and allow her to perform a physical inventory of its fixed assets in an orderly and quickly, as well as entities that request their services. Starting with the data load, ie the ratio of assets in the previous period (if any) to the issue of logistics and accounting reports such as Reconciled, Leftovers, Missing, Valuation and Depreciation of property and many more. 

Key Benefits 

  • Loading the database entity automatically. 
  • Printing List of fixed assets and inventory workers for temporary labels. 
  • Module update inventory data. 
  • Facilitation Process Automation by user-defined criteria, such as codes, make-model, color, serial number, etc. This reconciliation process is performed between the database Entity against the Inventory database. 
  • Facilitation Process Manual. Allows the user to manually reconcile property is useful when you want to tie missing surplus property that have not been able to locate automatically. This reconciliation process is performed between the database Entity against the Inventory database. 
  • Automatic coding of new assets that this processing period. 
  • Valuation and depreciation of fixed assets for the processing period. 
  • Print logistics, accounting and reporting depreciation. 
  • Among the logistics are Reconciled, surplus, missing, unlabelled proposed low in Transit, acquisitions of the year, by user, by cost center, by site, etc. 
  • Among the accounting listed by repotes fixed asset accounts for balance sheet items, surplus, missing, given low, transfers, donations, fully depreciated fixed assets.

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